Welcome to the help page of Integralpha, the platform for GIR clients. In order to make your life easier, we have prepared a small series of videos explaining Integralpha's features.

The first video is a general presentation of Integralpha. The second part deals with the selection and reporting capabilities. The third one talks about the text based search tool. Finally, on the right, you can find the meaning of the acronyms used in the voting reports.

Good viewing! Feel free to contact us for any additional questions!

The GIR Team


General presentation of the Intergralpha patform.
Presentation of the meeting selection and reporting features.
Presentation of Integralpha's search engine.
Procedure to notify us that you wish to change the vote for an item on the agenda of a meeting.

Please note: do not forget to put the videos in full screen mode in order to ensure optimal image quality.