GIR is the Canadian leader in voting-rights management. Investors and fund managers continuously strive to follow the values they represent; it is just as important that their investments also reflect these values. As such, responsible investors strongly believe their voice should be heard when their opinion is sought on proposals that are submitted to annual meetings.

GIR provides unmatched solutions for shareholders and fund managers, including:

  • A high-quality, independent analysis
  • Voting recommendations that comply with your policies
  • An economical solution to exercising voting rights internally
  • Specialized experience in processing customized policies
  • The ability to process multiple policies in French and in English
  • Flexible rates, either per service or for an index

Our voting recommendations are available to clients using the CAUCUS policy, a custom policy or the opinion service. These clients will benefit from our range of options as well as the following services:

  • An analysis of the shareholder proposals on ESG issues and a voting recommendation five days before the last voting date;
  • Access to the innovative Integralpha platform;
  • Reports that comply with National Instrument 81-106, at a frequency established by the client, in various formats (XML, PDF, CSV, HTML).



The CAUCUS Policy is based on the most progressive voting-rights policies in the industries. It is a product of the collaborative effort between GIR experts and the clients who use it. It is reviewed and updated every year at a meeting in which clients are encouraged to participate, so that it reflects the latest trends in responsible investment. Clients who choose the CAUCUS policy benefit from significant economies of scale, while helping to shape the future of ESG issues.

Customized Policies

Would you like to apply a custom policy that you developed or that was created through our consulting service? We're the team you need. With our unique expertise in applying customized voting policies, GIR relies on the Integralpha voting-right management system to achieve a 99% compliance rate with our clients' policies.


Does voting in compliance with a policy seem limiting to you? Would you rather have access to an expert opinion? Then our opinion service is right for you. As part of a global network of partners (ECGS), GIR can provide you with the opinion of a local, independent experts who are the most respected in their field. Using globally developed guidelines and permitting adaptation to local specifications, this top-quality product enables voting specialists to set aside the sometimes inflexible nature of a policy to come to a recommendation that accounts for the context and the local sensibilities in which the company operates.



Proxy Voting

Besides offering voting recommendations, GIR can also carry out the vote on your behalf. This option includes a five-day review period during which the client can refuse the recommendation and submit a new vote to GIR. At the end of each year, the client receives a report with the details on the voting done on his behalf.


GIR is the only proxy-voting management service provider to offer deliverables in multiple languages. As our system was developed to evolve in a multilingual environment, feel free to let us know if you have any additional language needs.

Account Group

Are you managing several accounts, funds or policies? A group account enables GIR clients to disclose information separately, manage access and permissions, or apply a different voting policy to one or several accounts. The first group is free to clients.

Web Integration

The GIR team innovates outside of the office too. We can integrate voting reports directly into your website and even develop customized reports depending on your needs.