Research Services

Our team of experts is always available to help our customers meet their needs for research on responsible investment.  Investors and managers appreciate among other things our flexibility, our transparency and our ability to develop tools that allow a qualitative (useful to support the dialogue process) and quantitative follow-up in order to facilitate integration to their current tools.

In addition, our analysts provide a range of information products that help investors to stay abreast of news about companies and topics related to socially responsible investment. Thanks to the information service, investors can also stay up-to-date of new trends in order to better understand the evolving markets and emerging issues.

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Portfolio review

For investors who wish to have more information on the risks that the companies they hold in their portfolio are exposed to, the Portfolio Review is the perfect product. Our team of experts conduct a comprehensive review of the companies in your portfolio in order to comment on their social responsibility and note where their ESG performance could be improved.

This tool, which is very useful to support your efforts for dialogue, comes with recommendations from the GIR as to the actions to be taken to encourage the adoption of best practices in each of the companies. For example, the GIR can recommend to send a letter to the chairman of the Board of Directors, or to support a shareholder proposal or a dialogue process led by another investor.

The portfolio review is carried out every six months. It is available in digital format, in English or French.

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ESG Rating

You have developed an ESG filter or an ESG risks assessment model internally, but you cannot keep up feeding it with data and you want the GIR's experts to ensure that your portfolio is always in accordance with the latter? Here's our ESG Monitoring Service! 

The GIR can notify you, at the frequency you want, with all new ESG controversy related to the companies held in your portfolio. It might ensure that your portfolio is aligned with a filter or feed your databases with data that are either raw or pre-processed by our analysts, as soon as new information is published on a company in your investment universe. Thus, your ratings will remain up-to-date and relevant.

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AD HOC research

You are looking for a research partner who specializes in ESG issues and risks? We look forward to listening about your project and we will be happy to show you how we can contribute to its success.