GIR's consulting services guide and assist investors in developing socially responsible investment (SRI) products, adopting principles like the UNPRI, building policies that express their RI concerns in their investments and exercising their voting rights. Our consultants can also develop customized research tools that combine your SRI needs.

  • Developing ESG integration tools or filters

    The design process includes a thorough assessment of the client's sensibilities and the manager's culture to offer a solution that is tailored to your needs. Next, the most significant indicators are selected by GIR's experts in collaboration with your team, leading to a transparent computer model that can generate a customized risk rating. The fees for developing an ESG integration tool cover the initial design and development of the product. If needed, the product can be reviewed and updated, which would incur additional consulting fees.

  • Developing a voting-right exercise or SRI policy

    With its expertise in corporate governance and social and environmental performance, GIR is well positioned to help you decide which issues are most important to you, your clients and your organization, and can provide you with essential support in shaping a policy that accounts for all the relevant strategies. The process of updating a policy entails studying the current policy, conducting a comparative analysis of policies on the market and meeting with GIR's team.

  • Financial product development

    Does your organization want to offer or update a responsible financial product for the retail or institutional market? GIR's experts can guide you through the SRI strategies and sensibilities of your target clientele and help you design the perfect solution for your needs.