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Groupe Investissement Responsable

Our Story

On September 15th, 2020, two Canadian leaders in responsible investment services have partnered to create the new GIR, a joint venture aimed to become the sole Canadian provider of proxy voting services for institutional investors from coast to coast. 

Montreal-based GIR and Toronto- and Vancouver-based non-profit organization SHARE (Shareholder Association for Research & Education) have a 20-year history of advancing responsible investment in Canada. They offer their respective clients consultation and proxy voting services to help them take into account environmental, social, and governance issues in their investments and voting decisions while respecting their fiduciary duties.

Today, GIR and SHARE combine their proxy voting services in a single entity, bringing together their many years of expertise and experience in this area. Here is the complete press release.

Groupe Investissement Responsable Inc., more commonly known as (GIR), is a Canadian leader in the area of extra-financial strategic advisory services, a critical part of today's investment world. Since the beginning of the millennium, GIR guides its clients through the environmental, social, and corporate governance issues that affect public companies. It also offers a wide array of services, including proxy-voting services, research, and business consulting.

As a strategic advisor, GIR is duty-bound to act in the best long-term interest of its clients. GIR considers that fiduciary duty requires to take into account environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues that can have an impact on how investment portfolios perform.

Our services


From simple voting recommendation to complete proxy voting management solutions, investors and managers choose GIR for its expertise, its independence, its unparalleled ability to deal with custom policies and its capacity to work in different languages.


GIR offers qualitative and quantitative research product for equity as well as fixed income. Our research products are designed to be transparent, robust and adaptable to our client's specific needs and sensibilities.


For the last 15 years, organisations have relied on GIR's experience when it comes to guiding investors, managers and financial institutions on the road to responsible investment.

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